The Waterpik W-100 Ultra Dental Water Jet is an extraordinary device that enhances the oral hygiene. Though it comes at an extra cost than the earlier models, it is worth it. This is because, it has not undergone just cosmetic changes but also lot of functional improvements is also introduced in this ultra new model. This is wonderfully molded with exceedingly good looks and utilities. It is smaller in size than the earlier models. This comes with 8 different attachments, each for specific purposes.

The effectiveness of this dental tool is not a myth but has been proved by a team of experienced medicos that oral care by water jet process is 93% more effectual than the flossing. This score over Panasonic model in its ability to spray water constantly at 10 different pressure settings. Even after few applications, you can be assured of the same results. I was of the view that flossing will take care of dental health and now after using it for more than 2 months, I can feel the change. Trust me, flossing alone will not rescue from chronic dental problems. For an incredibly dazzling teeth and healthy gums a combination of regular brushing, flossing and water jet technique is necessary.

The W-100 Ultra Dental Water Jet is an ideal all in one gizmo that flosses the teeth without causing any pain or hurting the sensitive gums. The pressure range from 10 to 90 PSI coupled with 1200 pulses per minute facilitates to enhance the performance of this water jet. The water is carefully sprayed with such a pressure that it effectively removes the food remains and other undesirable stuff trapped between the teeth and minute gap in the gums. This protects your teeth from plaque and tartar formation. Within two weeks you can feel a visible change and the teeth gloss and glean like never before. This makes you feel fresh and fight against the bad breath. This acts a good massager to increase the blood flow in the gums.

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This works great for people with braces and diabetic patients. The reservoir comes with a cap to ensure that the water is not contaminated and safe to gargle. This has 3 each of standard jets and tongue cleaners, 1 pik pocket for going deep into the space and cleaning and 1 special orthodontic tip for making the braces spotless. I am not satisfied with the tongue cleaner.

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