A recent study conducted by the Institute for mental health, there are at least 40 million people in America alone that suffer from some sort of anxiety. However, this number only includes the adults, leaving aside the children that suffer from some sort of anxiety attacks on a regular basis. According to this research, one of the primary causes for a mental health problem is alcohol, and substance abuse amongst men, and alcohol amongst women.

Anxiety happens to be a primary reaction to any kind of stress that the individual is feeling at that particular moment. It could be beneficial for various situations like when the person is going for a test or giving some sort of a speech. It is this anxiety which will motivate the person in order to prepare thoroughly and therefore will not have to worry about any problems with last-minute revisions.

In the same manner, when a person also has full blown panic attacks, or they are experiencing some sort of anxiety, they would want to get rid of that issue. Currently, there are a lot of natural supplements that you can find in the market which will be able to relieve the stress of anxiety without creating any kind of addiction in the individual.

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Let’s look at some of the natural supplements;

  • Passionflower- Only a plant, passionflower has been known to make its presence felt in modern day medicines. It has been known to take care of problems such as insomnia, narcotic drugs withdrawal, gastrointestinal problems, as well as anxiety. According to the scientific evidence gathered by the comprehensive database of natural medicines, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that passionflower can possibly be an effective natural supplement for anxiety. It will also be able to effectively reduce the reliance that people have on synthetic drugs to take care of anxiety.
  • Kava- Kava is something which has been used in the South Pacific islands for the last 300 years in order to relieve anxiety. It has also been proved that Kava can take care of anxiety, as well as any kind of depression that you might be feeling at that particular moment. According to the FDA, Kava has the potential for liver damage. However, the sales of this product have not been banned in the United States of America. Of course, if possible, avoiding this medication should be the primary feature, but in case there are no other options, it can definitely work to take care of your anxiety.
  • Valerian- Known to be a wild plant that grows white or pink flowers, Valerian has had numerous studies done to prove that it has a sweeping relief for the people facing anxiety. They have also been known to treat a lot of other problems such as hysteria, irritability, as well as menopausal disorders. It was widely used in the World War I in the form of a tranquilizer in order to treat the people that were in a shell shock.

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