Which Kind of Dog Fence Should You Choose For Your Dog?

Do you happen to be confused about the kind of electric dog fence wires that you need to choose for your dog? Well, according to the products available in the market, there are two types of dog fencing wires that is now available in the market; the 18 gauge and the 20 gauge. So, what kind of a wire should you choose, and why? It is obvious that both of them have been able to work pretty well for underground dog fences, and most of the dog fencing manufacturers makes use of the 20 gauge wire in order to provide additional stability to the dog fence. However, the only problem with making use of the 20 gauge wires is the fact that the cost can be a bit more than the 18 gauge, and also the fact that you can find it extremely difficult to roll the wire and keep it in a desolate location when you have no need for it.

One common disadvantage for the purchases of dog fencing wires is that you would need to purchase the whole bunch, and you do not get any kind of extra wire rolls to be sold separately to you. This can be a very big disadvantage for the people that would like to make a limited purchase without having to commit a lot of money or time in purchasing a product that they are only going to be using very rarely.

It is also recommended for you to go through the guidelines which will enable you to set up the perfect dog fences. After all, since you are not an expert, you should realize that taking help from the experts will enable you to get the perfect setup without any kind of problems. Firstly, you should know that the 18 gauge is a much stronger wire, and also happens to be long lasting and durable in comparison to the 20 gauge. Moreover, the copper wire is much better than the stranded wire that is abundant in the market.

So, when should you be making use of 18 gauge wires?

  • When you have a rocky soil or a lot of rocks in the perimeter.
  • When you are not trying to bury the wire underground.
  • When there are a lot of trees and vegetation.
  • When the area that is needed to be covered by the underground dog fence is more than 5 acres.

When should you use 20 gauge wires?

  • When the soil is made out of sand, or clay.
  • When you are simply putting up the wire next to a physical fence.
  • If there are extremely few trees or vegetation.
  • When the area that is to be covered with this dog fences is less than 5 acres.

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It is important for you to know that whenever installing the electronic dog fence, and putting it over the ground, you need to make use of lawn staples after every 5 feet, to keep the wires in place.