July 4th is a day to be patriotic, celebratory and embrace all that Independence Day truly is. Whether at a barbeque, picnic or waiting in line at the store, an iPhone can provide some great America-inspired fun! iPhone users can create their own firework show, test knowledge of American history or serenade those around them with USA-themed songs.

Here’s how to add the fun to the holiday weekend:

Testing Knowledge

Sure fireworks are beautiful, but what made this all possible? Phone owners can peruse the Top 100 USA Historical Documents (.99) as a wonderful and essential reminder of what this day celebrates. Yes, it includes the Declaration of Independence, but the documents aren’t exclusive to Independence Day—they span history and include such landmark documents as George Washington’s Inaugural Address, Bill of Rights and Gettysburg Address. Bookmark, highlight or bold passages of interest, increase the font size and write notes throughout.

Once people have properly reacquainted themselves with American history, they should test their knowledge with US States Quiz (.99). This works great for a holiday picnic or bbq trivia game! This app has two levels of difficulty, allowing test takers to choose between multiple choice or open-ended questions that require them to know their stuff.

Make It a Party

First, what would the 4th be like without a fireworks display? Unfortunately some towns just don’t embrace this tradition. The Handmark Fireworks app (It’s free!) app is perfect for those who feel like they’re missing out or think the Boston Pops are too late to stay up for. It lets them customize their iPhone with their choice of pictures as a backdrop—or even use one of their own!—and an array of patriotic songs. Touch the screen and watch as colorful fireworks cover the screen with accompanying picture and song!

If someone needs background music for a holiday celebration or can’t remember the words to that all-time favorite, they should be sure to download the Patriotic Music Box (.99) app! The ads-free application lets him or her choose from a selection of 12 provided songs including the National Anthem, America the Beautiful and Grand Old Flag. Playing these songs with the provided American Flag on-screen and no one will have felt so proud to be an American! This is a great way to entertain the kids with a sing-along during a long car ride!

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Connecting With Loved Ones

With the collection of over 100 gorgeous vintage images exclusively offered by Vintage July 4th Cards ($1.99), those who download this app will want to share the patriotic fever with everyone they know! The stunning variety of nostalgic-worthy images from throughout history provide many options for sending cards to friends and family, setting a new wallpaper the phone or flip through the many images worthy of a history book. The more expensive of our 5 apps, it is also the most versatile and beautiful of them as well. Consider that to send a card to just one person would normally cost well over $2. Now someone can send striking vintage cards to everyone in their phonebooks for under that tiny cost!

However one plans to celebrate the holiday, “there’s an app for that.” So everyone should make sure to add a trivia game, sing-along or fireworks display to their celebration with these fun iPhone apps.

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